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Welcome to the Imperial Physics Wiki!

This is designed for students to share tips, past paper answers and ask questions. Each lecture course has its own page and forum. See the Instructions page for more information on using the wiki.

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Editing the wiki

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A note about the past papers on this site...
The past paper solutions on this site are student-contributed and are unofficial. They may contain mistakes and are really intended to be there to give you "hints" when tackling a problem rather than to be used as a mark scheme.

If you spot any mistakes or have any questions, you can add annotations to each past paper. Simply click on the "Edit" button by the relevant subheading and add your comments below the relevant past paper. You can sign off your contributions with ~~~~ which will add your name & the date.

There is a really good example of how to annotate solutions at the Computational Physics page. See the Instructions page for more info on using the wiki.

How to use this forum & wiki

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  • Start editing the articles or chatting in the forums!

First time here? See the Instructions page for information on how to upload your past paper solutions, how to add math equations and how to test your edits.

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