Welcome to the RCSU

Welcome to the website for the Royal College of Science Union (RCSU). Within these pages you can find details of what we have done, what we will do and what we are here for. If you’re a Biologist, Biochemist, Chemist, Physicist, or Mathematician you have come to the right place to find out about your Faculty Union.

Freshers! Your RCSU Handbook is available here. (This is the version we sent for printing, but all content are accurate.)


The Royal College of Science Union, or RCSU for short, is the Constituent Union for the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FoNS) – if you’re a Biologist, Biochemist, Chemist, Physicist or Mathematician, you’re a member of the RCSU!

Since the founding of the Royal College of Science Union in 1881, we’ve been involved in student representation for all Science students, but that’s not all we do. We provide a wide range of services and opportunities for our members and all Imperial students.

The RCSU provides a wide range of services for our members, including:

We’re a constantly changing organisation with new things every year – if there’s something we don’t do, you can get involved with the RCSU and make something exciting happen!

Governing Documents

Check out our Governing Documents – our Constitution, Regulations and Policies by which we run the whole organisation.

Also check out our meeting minutes and committee – these will give a much less dry picture of the stuff we do!


The RCSU has a great deal of traditions that are as long as the Union itself. These include singing of the traditional song, the kangela, and protecting our cherished mascot Theta. All Faculty Unions (FUs) are involved with a sport known as mascotry, where by the successful ‘theft’ of their mascot results in a forfeit for that Union.

We also have a mascot that cannot be stolen by the rival FUs, a Dennis N-Type fire engine called Jezebel. Jez is maintained by the RCS Motor Club and can often be seen at large events throughout the year.

Departmental Societies

The RCSU is responsible for all of the Science Departmental Societies at Imperial. Societies organise many events throughout the term and are there to look after the welfare and academic interests of their students. Students not studying ‘Maths’ for instance, can still be a part of ‘MathSoc’ – all Departmental Societies are open to others, it’s just that your membership is not automatic.


The RCSU committee is responsible for the running of the Union. The RCSU committee office is located off the Sherfield walkway at the entrance to the mechanical engineering building (between Santander and Upper Dalby Court), please see below for a map.

Aparna Pillai
Aparna Pillai


  1. Tharanyaa Balasundaram
    Tharanyaa Balasundaram

    Honorary Secretary

    1. Susan Rutter
      Susan Rutter


      1. Milun Nair
        Milun Nair

        BioSoc President

      2. Kathleen Gunardi
        Kathleen Gunardi

        BiochemSoc President

      3. Ben Moss
        Ben Moss

        ChemSoc President

      4. Amir Rahman
        Amir Rahman

        MathSoc President

      5. Jacob Edginton
        Jacob Edginton

        PhySoc President

    2. Priantha Pretheshan
      Priantha Pretheshan

      Vice President (Activities)

      1. Yong Lee
        Yong Lee

        Events Officer

      2. Walter Shen
        Walter Shen

        Publicity Officer

      3. Mingxin Shen
        Mingxin Shen

        RAG Officer

      4. Chinny Lee
        Chinny Lee

        Sports Officer

    3. Nicolas Barykin Pankevich
      Nicolas Barykin Pankevich

      Vice President (Education)

      1. Erica Zhao
        Erica Zhao

        Biology academic representative

      2. Tianyu Wen
        Tianyu Wen

        Biochemistry academic representative

      3. Krzysztof Oliwa
        Krzysztof Oliwa

        Chemistry academic representative

      4. Priscilla Yip
        Priscilla Yip

        Mathematics academic representative

      5. Stefano Fiocca
        Stefano Fiocca

        Physics academic representative

    4. Trinity Stenhouse
      Trinity Stenhouse

      Vice President (Operations)

      1. Mrunal Tamhankar
        Mrunal Tamhankar

        Alumni Officer (Theta Bearer)

      2. Lucy Wayne
        Lucy Wayne

        Broadsheet Editor

      3. Avi Aggarwal
        Avi Aggarwal

        Deputy Broadsheet Editor

      4. Lingyi Wang
        Lingyi Wang

        Science Challenge Chair

      5. Deniz San
        Deniz San

        Sponsorship Officer

      6. Jingrou Zeng
        Jingrou Zeng


    5. Tianyu Wen
      Tianyu Wen

      Vice President (Welfare & Wellbeing)

      1. Marusha Filippova
        Marusha Filippova

        Wellbeing Activities Officer

      2. Kauthar Benriassa
        Kauthar Benriassa

        Biology wellbeing representative

      3. Pansy Pan
        Pansy Pan

        Biochemistry wellbeing representative

      4. Chinny Lee
        Chinny Lee

        Chemistry wellbeing representative

      5. Desmond Lin
        Desmond Lin

        Mathematics wellbeing representative

      6. Anthea MacIntosh-LaRocque
        Anthea MacIntosh-LaRocque

        Physics wellbeing representative

Finding us

We’re located right next door to the Junior Common Room (JCR) on the Sherfield Walkway - go through the brown double doors and we’re opposite the climbing wall.

Follow our socials to keep up with the latest news and activities!

Email: rcsunion@ic.ac.uk