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The RCSU committee is responsible for the running of the Union. The RCSU Committee office is located off the Sherfield walkway at the entrance to the mechanical engineering building (between Santander and Upper Dalby Court), please click here to see a map.

Executive Committee 2013/2014

Click a person’s name to contact them.

Plabon Saha
Vice President Activities
Cécile Borkhataria
Vice President Operations
Dongwhi Kim
Honorary Junior Treasurer
Victoria Walpole
Honorary Secretary
James Badman
Academic Affairs Officer
Mariza de Souza
Welfare Officer
Douglas Imrie
Sports Officer
Oscar Farrell
Events Officer
Guillaume Trojani
Web Communications Officer
Philip Kent
RAG Champion
Lucinda Sandon-Allum
Publicity Officer
Beichen Nie
Science Challenge Chair
Jana Smutna
Broadsheet Editor
Fiona Hartley